Camfilcairing Week

Every year since 2009, Camfil Farr employees have devoted an entire week to highlight the company’s commitment to sustainability.

Initiatives are carried out all year long, but during Camfilcairing Week, we especially organize community-oriented actions. We share and report on our achievements in an e-newsletter that is published daily, with articles on resource conservation efforts, the awards we have received for green initiatives, and health and safety improvements at local companies. This forum is also used to connect business results with sustainable outcomes for customers and their operations.

We believe that Camfil Farr is a great company because we successfully combine business considerations with their social and environmental aspects.

Here are some examples of local activities that have been organized in places and countries where Camfil Farr operates:

  • Photo contests
  • Quizzes on the environment
  • Beach clean-ups
  • Tree planting
  • Health education
  • Blood donations
  • Vaccination campaigns and health check-ups
  • Raising awareness with green tips for energy savings at home
  • Car-pooling initiatives
  • Safe, eco-driving
  • Fitness initiatives
  • Organic food in canteens
  • Cooking contests
  • Partnering with local charities
  • Open House events for families, local school children and other stakeholders
  • Resource efficiency programmes
  • Lean events dedicated to energy savings and waste reduction

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