Successful business is made between people

Human Resources – HR – serves as a vital link between employee commitment, customer satisfaction and investor returns. The importance of sustainable HR is confirmed by the fact that an increasing number of job applicants now pre-assess the social and environmental performance of companies before choosing an employer. Sustainability therefore provides strategic business opportunities for Camfil to attract and compete for the best future talent.

During 2011 we received approximately 175 unsolicited applications through the career portal on our website. Anyone expressing an interest in working for the Camfil Group receives a personal response. Those with profiles that could be of present, or future, interest to us are entered into our global candidate database.

HR tools

We have the following HR tools to attract new employees:

  • The STAIRS - recruitment process (Search Talents Ambition Inspiration Result Succession) At Camfil we also depend on creating a work environment that retains talented people. Available HR tools to support staff retention include:
  • CAMPAIR survey
  • Camfil Year Book
  • Performance and Appraisal process for Health & Safety

Sustainable mindset

A sustainable development mindset, from an HR perspective, pushes us to constantly improve our skills, competencies and focus on performance. Eva Bergenheim Holmberg The Camfil Academy has been running in its present format for almost a year. The course offering has been extended and a Competence Board has been appointed to ensure overall alignment between business strategy, our First Choice Plan and employee competence.

Each training event is evaluated and carefully followed up to ensure continuous improvement and quality assurance of concepts, teaching methods, course materials and trainers. The overall feedback from the participants has been very positive. Here are a few examples:

  • “The Solution Selling Course was a cornerstone for me to learn selling skills and I now have basic knowledge that I can come back to whenever I need it, according to my Segment responsibilities. The course especially covers the methodology we must drive at customer level.”
  • “During my Strategic Sales Leadership training, I really learned to align to our business strategy and Camfil‘s corporate objectives. The cases were very good – they opened my eyes for how common situations could be handled in another way. I personally started to implement things I‘ve learned in the first part and continued after the second part – with success in my team!”
  • English Online Training: “I really enjoy my English course very much. From the beginning, after passing the test, we set up the priorities in my English repair vocabulary and conversation. The trainer keeps the focus on that and prepares my exercises and learning plan accordingly.”

Eva Bergenheim Holmberg, Director Human Resource & Internal Communication


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