First to be certified to the ISO 50001 Energy Management System in several countries

When the Camfilcairing programme was started in 2008, it was important to practice what we preach. We wanted to deliver a coherent message to our customers. If we wanted to help them reduce their energy use, we had to do it ourselves. New EN16001 and later ISO 15001 standards gave us the opportunity to pioneer energy efficiency within production. Camfil became the first factory to pass EN 16001 in the UK and was one of the early adopters in France.

Group benchmarking again allowed us to run similar energy efficiency projects at several factories. In 2011, Camfil  was the first company to be certified to ISO 50001 in Malaysia, and in Slovakia in early 2012. Several more projects are ongoing.


Camfil Malaysia was awarded its ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification following an audit performed in October 2011.

Using a systematic approach to energy is expected to lead to savings and help Camfil Malaysia become a greener company. Past certification projects, such as those for the OSHAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, have resulted in significant improvements for health, safety and the work environment. The new energy management system will drive improvements in a similar manner. In addition to the operational benefits, certification adds credibility to our sales force. Life Cycle Cost, a key Camfil sales argument, helps customers improve the energy management of their HVAC systems by using our air filters, which are more energy-efficient than others. Our challenge is to educate customers and consultants about the substantial energysaving opportunities that can be realized by replacing existing filters with Camfil’s low-energy filtration products. Being independently certified to ISO 50001 by AFNOR assures Camfil customers that we “walk the talk” – that we “practice what we preach”.

Jaya Pichaimanickan, Camfil Malaysia’s Quality 1 Assurance & Sustainability Manager, and Sudarsan Chandra, Energy Management Representative, did a great job preparing for the certification with the help of various committee members. The sixman AFNOR audit was completed in one day without any non-conformance issues being raised by the auditors. Jorn Poulsen Managing Director, Camfil Malaysia

Jaya Pichaimanickan (left), Camfil Malaysia’s Quality Assurance & Sustainability Manager, and Sudarsan Chandra, Energy Management Representative, proudly hold the company’s ISO 50001 certificate


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